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Executive Committee

The GlobalPSC Board comprises members based in six countries and representing a diverse range of experience and insights.

Michelle Carvell

  • Executive Member of GlobalPSC
  • Chief Operating Officer of Lorax Compliance

Michelle has 15 years’ experience working in the environmental compliance sector building an extensive knowledge of the industry. After graduating from Cardiff University in 2002, she has developed her career by specialising in product stewardship, producer responsibility programs and their impacts on the producers.

Co-Founding Lorax Compliance Limited in 2014, Michelle supports a diverse range of businesses with specialist Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) reporting services as well as tailored consultancy covering all aspects of environmental legislation. The award-winning solutions offered by Lorax Compliance improve methods of data management, provide comprehensive knowledge and present complete transparency into the costs of compliance.

Combining a passion for all environmental themes with a desire to manage and remove the complexities associated with the legislation for producers, Michelle’s focus within Lorax is to promote and simplify the vast range of reporting requirements their clients find themselves obligated by.

EPR is a frequently changing and growing global field with requests for data increasing, new programs developing and more products being brought into scope.  To find out more about how Lorax Compliance, its software and its team can support you, please visit:

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